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Paid Internships

40% of internships are unpaid. Let’s bring that number to 0.
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Paid Internships

Internships are a catalyst for economic prosperity.

Not all internships are equal.

Who is getting paid?

Do you pay your interns?

Sign the Paid Internships Pledge and demonstrate your company’s commitment to ethical compensation.
Join the movement

Symba only powers programs that pay their interns

Partner Campaigns

  • naassom
    The #SaveInternships Campaign in partnership with Pay Our Interns
    Funds raised
    Students helped
    Average awards
    In March 2020, Symba teamed up with Pay Our Interns to launch the #SaveInternships campaign. The associated Intern Relief Fund raised $35,000 and helped 70 students who were facing dire financial constraints. These included undocumented students, immunocompromised students, and students serving as caretakers. The fund extended for a Fall and Spring cycle, ultimately financially supporting 239 students, the average awards ranging from $431 to $643.
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  • pay-our-interns-logo-phd8s7ss7zuv2iuxao7a4b04gyn6gxvkz5jdz4okxs
    Petition for Paid Internships at the Department of Labor
    DOL Internships
    an hour
    People signed
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Our Impact Initiatives

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