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Are you committed to paying your interns fair wages?

Sign our Paid Internships Pledge and join the movement.
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40% of internship are still unpaid.

Let's work together to end unpaid internships! Show your support as an employer and sign the pledge to fairly pay your interns. 

After signing the pledge you will receive an email with the recommended next steps and an advocacy playbook, including sample social media posts to publicly announce your organization's support of paid internships. If you can, we encourage employers to share their internship policies as well.

Join the movement

About Symba

Innovative Management Platform for Early Talent Programs

Symba is an award-winning platform that combines program management and data analytics tools to help organizations measure and improve their internship programs and make smarter hiring decisions. With Symba's software, employers have improved administrative efficiencies by up to 99.7% and have scaled critical early-in-career job opportunities by over 500%. 

Symba facilitates impactful internships and drives business value by increasing intern-to-hire conversion rates by up to 20%, helping corporations future-proof their employee pipelines while giving interns the positive, educational experiences they seek. Women-founded Symba is building a platform with a purpose - seeking to open up the workforce and facilitate equitable access to wealth creation by powering more than one million job opportunities in the next five years.

Loved by Industry Leaders

“We’re much more efficient in engaging interns and mentors now – especially remotely. Symba is an amazing partner – responsive and receptive to tailoring the platform to our needs. With Symba, we can automate processes and focus on improving our UR Program!”
Charlene Delapena
Executive Director at URx
“CBSi was able to leverage Symba’s community feature to convey the company’s culture and build community among interns. It is hard to create [community] in these virtual days, and Symba found a way to do it.”
Stephanie Carroll
University Relations & Diversity Manager at Viacom CBS
“We are pleased to partner with Symba to ensure we provide the best in technology to close the disparity and opportunity gaps for talented underserved students for careers in corporate America and entrepreneurship for the sustainable future.”
Forest T. Harper, Jr.
CEO & President at INROADS

About Pay Our Interns

The Leading Organization Fighting to End Unpaid Internships

carlos mark vera pay our interns
Pay Our Interns is the nation’s leading organization fighting to ensure all students have equitable access to professional career paths through the implementation of paid internships countrywide—especially students from historically excluded communities.

We successfully do so through:
1. Research by identifying gaps and establishing benchmarks;
2. Advancing knowledge, practices and policy proposals for employers, students and governmental bodies;
3. Shifting mental models by changing the narrative around who interns and the growing role of internships in today’s economy;
4. Catalyzing change by activating stakeholders to take action toward ending unpaid internships.
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