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“We’re much more efficient in engaging interns and mentors now – especially remotely. Symba is an amazing partner – responsive and receptive to tailoring the platform to our needs. With Symba, we can automate processes and focus on improving our UR Program!”

Charlene Delapena, Recruiting Manager @ Robinhood

Charlene Delapena

Head of University Recruiting at Robinhood

“CBSi was able to leverage Symba’s community feature to convey the company’s culture and build community among interns. It is hard to create [community] in these virtual days, and Symba found a way to do it.”

Stephanie Carroll

University Relations & Diversity Manager at Viacom CBS

“We are pleased to partner with Symba to ensure we provide the best in technology to close the disparity and opportunity gaps for talented underserved students for careers in corporate America and entrepreneurship for the sustainable future.”


Forest T. Harper, Jr.

CEO & President at INROADS

How Symba Can Help

We partner with organizations who share our mission to #OpenUpTheWorkforce. Together we’ll support meaningful career programs for an equitable future.



Symba customers have been able to scale their remote programs by 600%



Less time spent on onboarding, and 35% less time spent on managing remote teams



Improved conversion rates of programs by 20%, and 90% of customers reported an increase in program satisfaction

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Led by a young and diverse team, Symba is building a platform with a purpose—to open up the workforce. Symba helps businesses adapt to the future of work—adopting remote operations, investing in the next generation of talent, and committing to diversity and inclusion.

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Learn from experts in remote work and program design. We have scaled over 5,000 internships around the globe and strive to empower talent leaders with leading research and key resources.


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