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The Problem

Who has access to preliminary job experiences?


At least 60% of each graduating class (between 2013-19) has participated in an internship and/or co-op. Of those students, 56% landed a full-time job from their internship. For the class of 2020, the conversion rate for interns increased to 66.4%.  Moreover, 94% of apprentices who complete an apprenticeship retain employment and earn an average salary of $70,000/year. It’s clear that talent development programs are crucial to economic opportunity. However, who has access to these preliminary job experiences?

Pop the geographical bubble

Early talent development programs have traditionally been held in-person. But a brick-and-mortar training program is only truly open to people within a commutable distance, or with the financial means to relocate. Technology is expanding the capacity of talent development programs, allowing the work to be done online, and in turn is widening the geographical boundaries for who can participate.

Financial barriers to initial work experiences

Lack of compensation, high costs of education, and in-person training expenses are financial barriers that impede some highly qualified people from accessing critical career development opportunities. Unfortunately, 60% of internships are unpaid, disproportionately affecting African-, Hispanic-, and multi-racial Americans. Unpaid interns typically undergo a longer job-search process than paid interns. One of the reasons is because paid internships lead to full-time offers about 72% of the time compared to only 44% of unpaid internships.


How Symba is Addressing This

Symba uses technology to power equitable access to jobs and wealth creation. We empower talent leaders with a customizable platform that centralizes all aspects of managing workforce development programs. And we only work with internship and apprenticeship programs that compensate their workers. Symba’s web application provides the necessary tools and resources to scale workforce development initiatives and opens the door for more geographically and socially diverse experiential learning cohorts.

Our approach is symbiotic.

Symba’s platform features are designed to cultivate mutually symbiotic relationships between learners and leaders. Beyond the cloud, we partner with other impact-driven organizations to strengthen each other’s missions. Symba directly supports career seekers around the globe with free resources to help them land, prepare, and excel in a paid and remote internship experience.

Open Up the Workforce

How We’re Using Tech-For-Good
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Beyond our program management platform, we created the Symba Slate, a job board promoting specifically paid remote early talent opportunities and we distribute free resources to help anyone land, prepare, and excel in a paid and remote internship experience.

Symba resources are always free as we are committed to ensuring equity, diversity, and access to job opportunities for everyone.
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Together We Strengthen Our Impact

“YUPRO is proud to partner with Symba, as we together impact the career progression and economic mobility of our Opportunity Talent community with our industry award-winning OnRamps@Work Apprenticeship Program.”
Michelle Sims
“Symba’s interface is simple and intuitive… I would recommend Symba as an easy-to-use learning resource for those pursuing internships or other projects!”

Jackson Bauer
ORIGIN Bootcamp
“We are pleased to partner with Symba to ensure we provide the best in technology to close the disparity and opportunity gaps for talented underserved students for careers in corporate America and entrepreneurship for the sustainable future.”
Forest T. Harper, Jr.
CEO & President at INROADS

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Our team at Symba is on a mission to open up the workforce.
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