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Symba is a women-founded tech startup on a mission to increase access to the workforce by scaling early career experiences. We advocate for paid, accessible, and inclusive internships.


Our approach is


Our Impact Initiatives

Symba raises awareness and takes action under 3 main pillars: paid, accessible, and inclusive internships.

Impact at our company

Symba is a fully distributed remote-first team, offers unlimited PTO & sick days, health insurance, 401k plans, wellness activities, and monthly socials. We also host interns and (you guessed it) we always pay them!
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    Build a Remote Internship Program

    Ready to go remote? From onboarding to offboarding, this toolkit contains interactive resources and downloadable templates to help you host a successful remote internship.
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  • Do you pay your interns?

    Sign the Paid Internships Pledge and demonstrate your company’s commitment to ethical compensation.
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  • Resources

    Build an Inclusive Internship Program

    Learn how to design an inclusive internship experience and track diversity, equity, and inclusion data to measure progress.
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Symba only powers programs that pay their interns

Customers report an increase in intern-to-full-time conversion rates by up to 20%
Experiences designed and delivered on Symba

Symba customers have been able to scale their programs by over 500%

the problem

Who has access to preliminary job experiences?

Internships are the single most important factor to landing a job after college, however, there are many barriers to participation. Over twelve million students do not have access to participate in an internship program even though they seek the opportunity; in addition, 40% of internships are unpaid, disproportionately affecting African-, Hispanic-, and multiracial Americans. After interviewing 250+ talent leaders, Symba’s co-founders discovered that employers lack the necessary tools and resources to scale accessible experiential learning opportunities and needed a solution.

12M Students don't have
internship access
40% Internships
are unpaid
African-, Hispanic-, and multiracial Americans are more likely to not be paid

The solution

How Symba is addressing this

Social Impact Stories

Together We Strengthen Our Impact

“YUPRO is proud to partner with Symba, as we together impact the career progression and economic mobility of our Opportunity Talent community with our industry award-winning OnRamps@Work Apprenticeship Program.”
Michelle Sims
“Symba’s interface is simple and intuitive… I would recommend Symba as an easy-to-use learning resource for those pursuing internships or other projects!”

Jackson Bauer
ORIGIN Bootcamp
“We are pleased to partner with Symba to ensure we provide the best in technology to close the disparity and opportunity gaps for talented underserved students for careers in corporate America and entrepreneurship for the sustainable future.”
Forest T. Harper, Jr.
CEO & President at INROADS

Our Impact Programs

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