Ensure New Hire Success With Data and Insights

Measure, track, and optimize new hire readiness with powerful data, including employee engagement, sentiment and feedback, turnover and retention, and more.
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The Data You Need at the Tip of Your Fingers

Out of the box, Symba can track demographics and other DEI data, renege rates, engagement analytics, and more.

If there are other metrics you want to track, let us know! Our Dashboards are customizable, and we’ll help you build one that reflects the metrics you and your business care about.
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Identify issues quickly so no employees are left behind

Survey feedback, onboarding and training project analytics, and engagement data help you understand who's at risk for churn so you can course correct.

Collect new hire feedback with surveys

Create and automate onboarding and employee experience surveys so you can collect feedback, calculate eNPS, and understand where you need to improve.

Nudge disengaged employees

Onboarding tasks delayed? Not engaging with other new hires? Not attending events? Leverage these insights as a call-to-action to intervene.

Tie your work to the company's bottom line

Analyze how your new hire readiness programs affect metrics such as turnover and retention.
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Track New Hire Turnover

Turnovers can be costly, not to mention the time spent recruiting and training new hires. Symba helps you track reneges and turnovers over time so you can show how your programs are reducing attrition.

Even more data with integrations

Integrate your HRIS, ATS, and other tools with Symba, and build reports to measure time-to-productivity, long-term retention, and more.

See your one-stop shop for new hire intelligence in action.

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