Empower your employees to succeed from Day 0 

Take the uncertainty out of onboarding and training, and provide transparent and engaging career pathways.
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How We Support

High Volume Hiring
Enterprise and Fortune 500 companies that hire hundreds to thousands of people a year. 
Cohort-Based Onboarding
Seasonal frontline hiring. Sales and customer success onboarding and training.
Scaling Companies
Startups or SMBs with small HR teams and limited bandwidth, looking to scale their companies.

What We Solve For

Fast-Track Preboarding to Productivity
Unlock new hire potential with effective onboarding and training programs. Transparent next steps ensure employees are ramped up quickly and can raise their hands if they're feeling stuck or have questions.
Reduce Reneges and Early Turnovers
50% of new hires renege before they start, and 19% quit within the first six months. Create a smooth and welcoming preboarding and onboarding experience that integrates your new hires into company culture and excites them. 
Build a Connected Workforce From Day 0
20% of workers say their companies don’t help new employees make friends or find support among their coworkers. Facilitate connections for your new hires from the moment job offers are accepted, and cultivate an inclusive work environment.
Ensure New Hire Success With Data & Insights
Onboarding and training new hires can be a fragmented experience with data living in multiple places. Symba brings it all together so that employers can ensure new hire success.

Customer Success Metrics

Reduction in time-to-onboard, optimizing time-to-productivity
Improvement in onboarding processes
Improvement in administration efficiencies

Loved by Talent Leaders Like You

“We’re much more efficient in engaging interns and mentors now – especially remotely. Symba is an amazing partner – responsive and receptive to tailoring the platform to our needs. With Symba, we can automate processes and focus on improving our UR Program!”
Charlene Delapena
Executive Director at URx
“CBSi was able to leverage Symba’s community feature to convey the company’s culture and build community among interns. It is hard to create [community] in these virtual days, and Symba found a way to do it.”
Stephanie Carroll
University Relations & Diversity Manager at Viacom CBS
“We are pleased to partner with Symba to ensure we provide the best in technology to close the disparity and opportunity gaps for talented underserved students for careers in corporate America and entrepreneurship for the sustainable future.”
Forest T. Harper, Jr.
CEO & President at INROADS

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