Build a Connected Workforce From Day 0

Facilitate connections for your new hires from the moment job offers are accepted, and cultivate an inclusive work environment.
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Drive engagement through automated workflows

New hire engagement, made smarter. Use our no-code Journeys builder to create automated workflows that guide positive and personalized employee experiences.
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Deliver exciting content at the right moments

Schedule beautiful emails and in-app messages in advance, share videos that promote company culture, nudge managers and mentors to take action, and more.

Create consistent feedback loops

Add surveys to Journeys to collect regular feedback and evaluate performance. Measure eNPS throughout onboarding and beyond, and get a pulse on employee sentiment.
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Facilitate connections among new hires

Foster friendships and support networks within your organization to combat isolation and enhance employee satisfaction.

Promote interactive discussions

Encourage interactions in the Discussion Board feed with prompts. New hires can post pictures, ask questions, and share their experiences.

Invite new hires to events

What better way to build camaraderie and break the ice than with events? Plan meet n greets, leadership round tables, and other fun social and networking events. 

A space where new hires can find each other

Symba's Community feature allows new hires to search for peers, managers, mentors, or even alumni employees that have similar interests or complementary skills.

Stay in touch with alumni employees

Transition offboarding employees to alumni users, and keep your talent warm even after they leave, enabling you to re-recruit from an already vetted talent pool.
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Learn how Symba can help you engage your new hires and build community.

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