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Inclusive Internships

Many historically marginalized groups—notably women, Black, and Hispanic students—remain underrepresented in internship cohorts. Build a program that invites everyone to be themselves at work.



Internships can democratize access to first jobs.

Make the best use of your DEI funding.


Build an Inclusive Internship Program

Learn how to design an inclusive internship experience and track diversity, equity, and inclusion data to measure progress.
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The Durable Skills Initiative by America Succeeds

Symba believes integrating Durable Skills into education pathways will help ensure a broader group of learners ultimately find success in their careers and communities. Durable Skills include a combination of how you use what you know – skills like critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity – as well as character skills like fortitude, growth mindset, and leadership.

An analysis of 80 million job postings from 2020-2021 reveals that 7 of the 10 most-requested skills are Durable Skills. And, the top 5 Durable Skills were requested in job postings 4.7 times more often than the top 5 hard skills.
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