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How to Measure DEI in Your Internship Programs

Written by Meghana Machiraju on April 11, 2022
2 min read

Studies show that a diverse, inclusive, and culturally robust workplace can strengthen a business and the same is true when it comes to building an internship program. In a study from 2017, organizations managed by diverse executive teams were 33% more likely to earn better profits. And internships can serve as the stepping stone toward building greater diversity and inclusion. 

To help you measure DEI and the success of your internship program, we developed a workbook with sample surveys and spreadsheets you can use to track key program metrics, including demographics, NPS scores, conversion rates, and more. Chapter 2 of this workbook specifically provides  DEI metrics, survey templates, and methods to better understand your internship program diversity.

Here’s a sneak peek into what is included in the DEI chapter: 

Demographics survey:

Knowing the ethnicity, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, education, veteran status, and other background info gives key insight into which demographics your program attracts, reaches, and includes. Survey intern demographics at the midpoint and towards the end of your program. If any interns did not stay on, you can evaluate trends in attrition and which demographics need more program attention and support.

Moreover, survey the demographics of your program managers and mentors to see how well they represent their interns. Leadership diversity fosters an environment of better understanding and support while also setting realistic expectations of career advancement. Get a demographics survey template in this chapter that you can start using today!

Inclusion and belonging survey:

Apart from attaining data around the diversity of your interns and managers, also obtain feedback on inclusion and belonging. Use a midpoint survey to identify opportunities or concerns and an end-point survey to capture any improvements made.

Also, survey program managers for their feelings around inclusion and belonging within their departments and the organization to discover how to better support them. Leverage the sample inclusion and belonging survey included in this chapter!

Graph template to track demographics over the years:

This workbook provides a graph template to help you organize and visualize your organization’s  demographic data over the years. If no previously recorded data exists, input your industry’s and organization’s DEI benchmarks for comparison.

While many employment barriers are environmental, some may be organizational. By leveraging DEI metrics, you address what is in your control like representation, accessibility, safety, belonging, and more. Having DEI metrics in place not only shows where your program is but also where it could be. 

Track DEI metrics that matter most to your team, all in one place with Symba’s Key Metrics Workbook, Chapter 2. Download it now to access these metrics, capture methods, sample surveys, graph templates, and more!

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Meghana Machiraju

Meghana Machiraju is a B2B content marketing professional at Symba. Previously, Meghana worked as a Content Marketing Lead for a SaaS healthcare startup. She holds a Masters in Marketing from Schulich School of Business, Canada, and an MBA in Advertising from Symbiosis International University, India. Outside of work, you will find her traveling or looking for the next vegetarian restaurant to go to!

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