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#OpenUpTheWorkforce with Claudio Vespucci, Vice President, Human Resources at Rockwell Automation

Written by Nasim Ranjbari on April 18, 2024
3 min read

Presented by Symba, #OpenUpTheWorkforce interviews feature executives advancing inclusion, diversity, and equity for the future of work. In these short audio-only episodes, host Ahva Sadeghi speaks with top leaders about what it takes to develop and implement inclusive processes. 

In this episode of #OpenUpTheWorkforce, we're joined by Claudio Vespucci, Vice President of Human Resources at Rockwell Automation. Claudio is a seasoned HR leader with an impressive track record. Having navigated the complexities of human capital management at industry leaders like HP, SAP, and Samsung, Claudio brings a deep well of knowledge and a sharp eye for the ever-changing needs of the workforce. Throughout his career, Claudio has consistently championed excellence and innovation in HR. Now, we have the chance to unlock his insights – the strategies and philosophies that have shaped his approach to building inclusive workplaces that drive organizational success.

The manufacturing industry is undergoing a vital transformation towards Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). This is exemplified by the National Association of Manufacturers' Pledge for Action, targeting 300,000 new opportunities for underrepresented communities by 2030. This shift sets the perfect backdrop for our discussion on exciting initiatives within manufacturing and how DEI can act as a powerful growth engine.

During our discussion, Claudio, offers a unique perspective, particularly regarding DEI. He shares invaluable insights into its importance and its role in opening up the workforce to greater diversity. He delves into why fostering inclusivity isn't just a moral imperative but a strategic advantage for businesses, driving innovation and enhancing organizational performance. Join us as we delve deeper with Claudio in the podcast where he'll provide a fresh perspective on elevating the employee experience and transforming HR into a catalyst for organizational success. Tune into the podcast here:

How to Open Up the Workforce

Opening up the workforce involves leveraging the diverse brainpower of the community to drive business success. By bringing talent from various backgrounds and perspectives, organizations can foster creativity and innovation, essential for thriving in competitive markets. This approach is exemplified by companies like Amazon and Facebook, which achieved success through groundbreaking ideas.

To achieve this, companies must intentionally seek talent from diverse sources, rather than limiting themselves to a single pool. Creating an inclusive environment is crucial, as it ensures that diverse perspectives are valued and appreciated. Metrics, initiatives, and programs can be implemented to actively recruit from different demographics and skill sets.

By actively seeking out and embracing diverse talent, companies open the door for new opportunities and ideas to flourish. It's a reciprocal process: by demonstrating a commitment to diversity and inclusivity, organizations attract a broader range of talent, enriching their workforce and enhancing their potential for success.

About Claudio Vespucci

Claudio Vespucci is vice president, Human Resources (HR) for Global Sales & Marketing, our Lifecycle
Services operating segment, and Global Talent Acquisition.

Claudio leads the evolution of our Global Talent Acquisition function to ensure we have the people and processes in place to help us attract and hire great new talent for our company, which drives our company strategy and supports our people. He is positioning our global team for even greater effectiveness in the future.

In his role, Claudio partners closely with the Senior Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer, and with the Senior Vice President of Lifecycle Services.

Claudio brings significant global leadership expertise to our company, having built his skills at companies with substantial software sales, including SAP, where he most recently led the HR function for the Success Factors organization. Claudio also spent a number of years at Hewlett-Packard, where he progressed through a number of functional and business HR roles at both the global and regional levels,
within the U.S. and in Europe. He has also held other HR leadership roles at Samsung and TriNet.

Career advice: "Your success depends on the quality of your network and the relationships you have built with its members."

About Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation is a global leader in industrial automation and digital transformation. We connect the imaginations of people with the potential of technology to expand what is humanly possible, making the world more productive and more sustainable. From improving the production of medicines that boost human health to reducing waste in an oil and gas plant, the work we do changes how we live.

Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we employ approximately 28,000 problem solvers dedicated to our customers in more than 100 countries.

Careers | Rockwell Automation

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