Streamline Program Management

Ditch the spreadsheets, and manage your entire early career program from program acceptance to alumni engagement on one platform.
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Save Time & Money

Consolidate management and data analytics tools to reduce time spent on day-to-day program operations. Symba customers have been able to increase administrative efficiencies by up to 99.7%.

Onboard program participants with less friction.

Welcome your program participants with a customized Launchpad, and provide resources and training in one place so participants can get onboarded faster. Symba customers were able to improve their onboarding processes by up to 35%.

Eliminate back-and-forth communication.

Reduce the need for unnecessary back-and-forth emails or chat messages. Create a central hub for resources, project management, video workshops, and more. 

Provide an Exceptional Experience

Ensure a valuable and positive experience for all program stakeholders, including your early talent, managers, mentors, and more.

Easily measure program satisfaction.

Symba makes it easier to conduct pulse surveys and track net promoter scores (NPS) so that you can understand the overall health of your program and where you may need to improve.

Boost your program conversion rates.

Symba customers have seen up to 20% increase in their program participant to full-time conversion rates.

Scale Your Program With Ease

With Symba, you can create, assign, and track projects at scale and over multiple cohorts, easily onboard increasing numbers of program participants over time, and much more! Our platform has helped programs scale by over 500% and supported programs with 35+ start dates.

Create repeatable processes.

Easily duplicate and update projects and resources and build continuous feedback loops through Symba. These repeatable processes will help you grow your program with less friction.

Get a clear understanding of areas for growth.

Leverage the Symba Dashboard for insights into the health of your program and where you need to improve (demographics, geography, etc) to scale inclusively.

Focus on innovation, not reinventing the wheel.

Because your program lives on one platform, you can launch quickly from cohort to cohort and focus your attention on innovation.

Case Study

How Capital Heritage Connexion Increased Productivity and Saved Time Managing Its Mentorship Program



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