Don't let your alumni interns get cold. Brew a strong keep warm strategy.

Hope you enjoyed your cold brew + chocolate!

To complement the event, we wanted to share our "Keep Warm Strategy Checklist." This checklist walks you through various touchpoints, including emails, events, swag, and more, that you can implement to ensure your alumni interns remain engaged. Leverage this doc to help avoid reneges and increase your overall conversion rates.
Access the Checklist Here
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About Symba

The All-In-One Management Platform for Internship Programs

Symba is an all-in-one platform that helps organizations streamline the management of their internship programs. Using our platform, you can easily onboard interns, provide resources, manage projects, create consistent feedback loops, build community, and engage with alumni. Symba also collects key success metrics and builds dashboards to help you track the long-term impact of your internship program. By bringing all your internship operations in one place and leveraging insights, you and your team can build a stronger early talent pipeline to future-proof your company's workforce.
Learn more about our platform here.
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How a Leading Biotech Company Optimized Its Internship Program

One of the world's foremost biotech companies teamed up with Symba to optimize their internship program and save time and money. 

They leveraged Symba's all-in-one platform to consolidate program management tools and automate processes. They saw a 99.7% increase in administrative efficiencies, and a 35% improvement in onboarding processes. 
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Want to see Symba in action?

Learn how you can optimize your talent development program.

Key Customer Results

Increase in operational efficiencies, and up to 35% improvement in onboarding processes.
Customers have been able to scale their internship programs by over 500%.
Our customers have reported up to a 20% increase in intern to FTE conversion rates.


Learn how we’ve optimized internship programs

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