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Last week, Team Symba traveled to Madrid, Spain to attend South Summit as a Top 100 startup. Under the motto “South Summit shape the future,” over 22,000 attendees, 1,600 investors, 8,000 startups, 680 speakers, and 7,000 corporate members traded the spotlight to introduce their innovations and network.
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"I worried that there was no place for people like me - people with illness and disability - in the workforce." When you live with chronic illness or disability, you constantly have to navigate barriers set by a society that was not built for us. Chronically Capable was built to remove some of those barriers and create a society that values and makes space for our differences.
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We felt connecting internship seekers solely to our customers was not enough. Our solution? The Symba Slate, Symba's job board promoting only paid and remote internship opportunities.
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Powered by Symba, ORIGIN hosted 260 college students from 61 universities across 13 countries with the goal of building startups to address one of four United Nation Sustainable Development Goals.
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