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Meet the Symba Slate: The only job board dedicated to paid remote internships

Written by Mitra LeBuhn on November 11, 2020
2 min read

Update: The Symba Slate has been sunsetted, and we no longer do matchmaking.

Symba originated as a social impact project with late congressman John Lewis, and the value to create more equitable pathways to the workforce remains at the core of what we do.

As a B2B SaaS company, our primary service, Symba's Management Platform, is a software that helps businesses easily manage interns and scale their talent development programs. While this helps widen career opportunities for early talent, we feel powering programs is not enough, and we want to propel conversion and retention by supporting at all stages of talent development. Our solution? The Symba Slate, a platform for which we manually aggregate available internship opportunities and advocate for programs that both pay their interns and embrace remote work.

The Symba Slate is Symba's job board that promotes only paid and remote internship and apprenticeship opportunities. Intern candidates that sign up for Symba’s community gain access to the Symba Slate, as well as the Symba Assembly, our newsletter sharing events and resources to support internship seekers and current interns. With Symba as a bridge, we work to make it easier for applicants to find accessible career experience opportunities. We’re on a mission to open up the workforce, on a global scale. Listings marked with a green checkmark highlight opportunities that are available to members of our community based outside of the United States. We created the Symba Slate to bring paid remote internship opportunities to one place and make it easier for internship seekers to find and apply for programs.

At Symba we believe that work deserves pay. That’s why we pledge to only share and promote paid remote internship opportunities. We see that there is disproportionate access to the workforce and that interns' rights are sometimes overlooked. We are changing that narrative. The Symba Slate opens professional growth opportunities to everyone, regardless of location or ability to relocate, and only promotes internships where work is rewarded. 

Now, we invite you to join the Symba community and leverage the Symba Slate! 

If you know of a paid remote internship, share it here. If you’re a company looking for talented remote interns, we’d like to support you. Sign up here to connect with the Symba Team.

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Mitra LeBuhn

Mitra is the Head of Impact and Communications at Symba and leads social impact, PR, and marketing partnerships for the business. She combines a unique background in Global Health and Higher Education, and speaks French. Beyond Symba, Mitra spends her time outdoors, traveling the world and making music.

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