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Introducing the Symba Hub: Your New Hires' Homebase

Written by Ellen Zhang on January 19, 2024
2 min read

Remember when you were a new hire - how nervous and excited you were about your new job? Wouldn’t it have been nice if you had one place where you could login, access resources, and see everything you needed to accomplish from preboarding till Day 1 and beyond? Well now, your new hires can get that experience! Say hello to our latest feature: the Symba Hub.

What is the Symba Hub?

The Hub is what we like to call our homebase. It’s the first page all users land on when they login to the Symba platform. Your new hires, their managers, and mentors can get a high level overview of any action items, engage with each other, and navigate to where they need to go from the Hub, whether it’s a preboarding project, RSVPing to a meet n greet event, or taking a pulse check survey. The Hub provides transparency and guidance as your new hires get onboarded and ensures they have a clear pathway to success at your organization.

Here are some of the key elements within the Hub:


As an admin, this is where you’ll disseminate quick but important information. Send general announcements to all users or targeted messages to specific groups. Announcements can also be sent via SMS or text.

Sample use cases:

  • You have a new hire cohort onboarding in your Hyderabad office. Send an announcement, reminding when and where orientation will be just to your Hyderabad new hires.
  • Your company has hybrid work policy, and you have a couple of new hires who are remote only. Target your remote new hires with a message reminding them to have their at-home desks ready to go by Day 1.
  • You’re hosting a public meet n greet event for all your new hires, their managers, and mentors. Send an announcement to everyone reminding them to RSVP and attend.

Action Items

Assign action items to your new hires and their managers. These are automatically assigned through Journeys, so users aren’t overwhelmed with a ton of action items at once, only what they need to complete at the right moments.

Example action items:

  • Complete your Symba profile
  • Enroll in benefits
  • Sign the company’s NDA
  • RSVP for the meet n greet event
  • Complete your onboarding survey

Discussion Board Feed

In the Discussion Board feed, your new hires can view and interact with recent public and private discussion board posts. Leverage this section to break the ice and drive engagement. Your new hires can also post questions, and share photos and videos directly from the Hub.


It can be a frustrating experience while onboarding to get a bunch of meetings thrown on your calendar ad hoc. Give your new hires a birds-eye view of upcoming events so they know where they need to be and when. This is especially useful for hybrid or remote roles and caretakers.

Get a Demo of the Hub and More

Want to create a transparent onboarding experience for your new hires? Provide clear pathways to success from Day 0? Sign up for a demo of Symba and see how the Hub integrates with all of our features to help you ramp your new hires quickly and accelerate time-to-productivity.

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Ellen Zhang

Ellen is the Chief Marketing Officer at Symba. Prior to Symba, Ellen worked in the cybersecurity industry, marketing data loss prevention (DLP) and cyber insurance solutions. She graduated from Boston College with a degree focused on Marketing and Information Systems.

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