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Top Skills to Look for When Hiring Remote Interns

Remote work is not for everyone, and it can be challenging for hiring managers to discern if candidates are truly prepared for virtual collaboration. However, remote interviews can be a strong indicator as to how a candidate will fare in a remote setting, if you know what skills to look for. Here are the top four skills to interview for when hiring remote interns.

Happy National Thank Your Customers Week from Symba!

As a startup, our early adopters are vital to our success. Symba’s customers are pioneers across a variety of sectors and are transforming the world of remote work. Together, we are able to innovate and develop new designs to improve our user experience. They power our mission, innovation, and growth. Thank you to our clients for your valuable role in Symba’s journey!

Happy New Year from Symba’s Founders!

Despite the many challenges, our team at Symba was able to achieve our milestones and reach new heights. In 2020, we launched Symba 2.0, grew our team by 4X, won multiple international pitch competitions, and closed our first round of venture capital. Get the highlights in this letter from the founders.

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