Save 10% on your first annual subscription to RippleMatch

As a Symba customer, you get an exclusive discount on RippleMatch’s recruitment platform.

Looking to simplify recruiting, training, and managing early talent?

We’ve joined forces with our preferred partner RippleMatch to offer exclusive discounts on our early talent solutions to our customers. Existing Symba customers save big with a 10% discount on their first annual subscription of RippleMatch.

Learn more about the partnership here.

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Innovative Technology for Early Career Hiring

Since its founding, RippleMatch has helped hundreds of early-career candidates from all backgrounds land their dream jobs. They have built the first product ever to automate entry-level recruiting and career coaching, allowing candidates to spend less time applying for jobs and more time interviewing and getting to know a company.

The company’s software handles all the heavy lifting that has traditionally gone into recruiting for companies including sourcing, inbound applicant tracking, pipeline data analytics and event management, increasing efficiency and helping more candidates get connected to the right opportunities.

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