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Early Career Program With Data

Ditch the spreadsheets. Track key metrics with an intuitive Dashboard, and make data-driven decisions about your program.

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Take a Data-Driven Approach to Program Management

Understand how your early career program and participants are performing with real-time data. Use that data to course correct or double down on what works.
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Identify areas of improvement.

Track trends in program performance or catch red flags in real-time. Is DEI a priority? See how program participant demographics like race and gender distributions have changed over time to understand where your gaps are.

Optimize your program.

Take action on your data. For example, if you notice low engagement on average among your women program participants, you should evaluate why that is and make changes to ensure an inclusive program.
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Your One-Stop Shop for Early Careers Intelligence

Instead of managing your early careers data in multiple spreadsheets and tabs, bring it all together in the Symba Dashboard.

Customize which metrics you track.

Your Symba Dashboard is completely customizable, so you can track the metrics that are the most valuable to your early career program and business.

Visualize data with charts and graphs.

Ready to transform your reporting processes? On Symba, program data is displayed in easy-to-read charts and graphs, and easily downloadable into spreadsheets should you need to.

The Data You Need at the Tip of Your Fingers

Out of the box, Symba can track data like demographics and DEI data, conversion and renege rates, project and event analytics, if your early talent are on track to convert or at risk, and more.

If there are other metrics you want to track, let us know! We’ll help you build a Dashboard that reflects the metrics you and your business care about.
Graphic version of Symba's Dashboard


Get the early careers intelligence you need.

Free Workbook: Key Metrics to Optimize & Scale Your Internship Program

How are you measuring the success of your internship program? Symba has built a workbook with sample surveys and spreadsheets you can use to track and measure key program metrics, including NPS scores, conversion rates, and more, based on 4 main program goals: exceptional experience, DEI, conversion to full-time and recruiting ROI, and brand awareness.
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