Foster Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Build a more diverse and inclusive internship program.

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Understand Representation in Your Internship Program

Easily track metrics including demographics like intern ethnicity, pronouns, schools attended, and more, and use this data to optimize your program for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Measure DEI

Use Symba’s Dashboard feature to track and visualize important DEI metrics, such as race, gender identity, location, and school attended, to measure the diversity of your program.

Identify gaps

Understand where you’re lacking in diversity to shape and improve your program recruitment strategy.

Promote Inclusivity With Resources & Discussions

Create an inclusive environment for all program participants with educational resources and videos around various DEI topics, and provide a safe space where participants can share their diverse backgrounds.

Share DEI resources

Distribute resources, such as pronoun guides, a directory of your organization’s ERGs, and even video series, in easy-to-access locations, such as the Launchpad and the Engage tab.

Nurture inclusive discussions

Encourage program participants to talk about their cultures, hobbies, interests, and more through discussion boards to foster inclusivity.

Reach a More Diverse Talent Pool

Symba enables you to take your internship program remote and scale so that you can offer opportunities to a diverse range of people.

Break down geographical and financial barriers

Geography and finances are some of the most common barriers to participating in internship programs. Symba streamlines program management from onboarding to offboarding on a virtual platform, enabling you to offer remote internships and ameliorate these barriers to equitable participation.

Expand your program’s reach

By reducing time in management and administrative overhead, 80% of Symba’s customers have been able to scale their programs. Increase your program’s reach and open up more opportunities.

Case Study

How INROADS scaled its College Links program to reach more students across the United States


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Internship programs are a key pipeline for new grad and early career hires. Reduce the headaches of managing and scaling your internship program with Symba.
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