Foster Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Double down on diversity and build a more inclusive early career program. 
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Measure Your DEI Efforts

Easily track metrics like race and ethnicity, gender, pronouns, schools attended, and more, and use this data to optimize your program for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Visualize trends and understand gaps

Create anonymous surveys to assess the impact of your DEI strategy, and view trends in conversion rates, performance, engagement, and more by demographics to understand gaps.

Embrace accountability

Leverage your data to shape and improve your early careers strategy and hold your team accountable.

Spotlight DEI Stories and Resources

Provide educational content and training videos around various DEI topics, and facilitate access to internal support organizations like employee resource groups.

Share DEI resources

Distribute resources and training videos, and share diverse stories in easy-to-access locations, such as the Launchpad and the Engage tab.

Connect your early talent to employee resource groups

Create Launchpads associated with your ERGs so your early talent can get access to these organizations and their resources if they want.

Promote Inclusion and Belonging

Hosting your entire program on Symba enables you to create consistent experiences for all program participants. You can also easily run a remote or hybrid program at scale to increase accessibility for diverse talent.

Create engaging, inclusive spaces

Spark dialogue and foster an inclusive environment where your diverse early talent can engage using Discussion Boards.

Encourage collaboration among your early talent

Give your early talent equal visibility and opportunities to collaborate with the Community feature. Program participants can use their Profiles to showcase their diverse backgrounds and interests and ensure folks are using the right pronouns.

Case Study

How INROADS scaled its College Links program to reach more students across the United States


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