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How ORIGIN Scaled Their Remote Program From 0 to 260

Powered by Symba, ORIGIN hosted 260 college students from 61 universities across 13 countries with the goal of building startups to address one of four United Nation Sustainable Development Goals. In order to successfully launch and scale a remote program, ORIGIN leveraged Symba’s platform to streamline onboarding, engagement, program management, and performance tracking.

In collaboration with ORIGIN, we launched a case study to share key insights on ORIGIN’s experience using the Symba platform. Here are some of the highlights from the case study:

1. Easy to Set Up and Navigate

  • ORIGIN was able to set up on Symba in one short session with a guided onboarding experience led by the Symba team.
  • Symba’s platform offered an intuitive and user-friendly experience from the very first day.

2. Built to Scale

  • While HR managers often struggle to organize a few dozen interns, Symba allowed ORIGIN to easily grow their program to over 260 interns.
  • Symba’s platform brings everything into one place to make it simple for your interns to get started and alleviates many of the burdens of scaling a program.
  • With only a handful of internship managers at ORIGIN, the Symba platform was essential to organize information, share projects, and keep all interns engaged.

For intern managers, coordinating hundreds of interns can be difficult. As ORIGIN co-founder Lyana G. details, “Without having previously run an internship program before, managing the operations for 250 students was definitely intimidating. However, Symba made the process so much easier by having a centralized location for managing projects and content.”

3. Intuitive User Experience

  • Ultimately, Symba’s platform  provided an exceptional user experience. In an exit survey, ORIGIN students rated Symba highly for ease of use and for functionality.

As ORIGIN participant Jackson B. explains, “Symba’s interface is simple and intuitive… I would recommend Symba as an easy-to-use learning resource for those pursuing internships or other projects!”

Find out why Symba has been a trusted partner for leading internship programs globally and discover the many benefits to implementing Symba by downloading the full ORIGIN case study below.

Download the full case study!

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