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How CBSi Built an Award-Winning Community in a Remote World

Thousands of companies had to quickly transition from in-person to remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic. CBS Interactive (CBSi), a subsidiary of ViacomCBS, needed a tool to make this transition seamless and build their award-winning community in a new remote setting. That’s when they teamed up with Symba to leverage Symba’s management platform.

CBSi’s University Relations & Diversity Program Coordinator Haley Rosano shared “We want to make sure our interns do not feel like they are coming on to just do a job; they are here because they mean something to the organization. By implementing Symba’s community [feature], we are able to demonstrate that to them.

Considering CBSi’s successful experience, we decided to launch this case study to share more.

About CBSi

CBSi is one of the world’s largest publishers of premium digital content and hosts an internship that made WayUp’s Top 100 Internship Programs. According to Stephanie Carroll - CBSi University Relations & Diversity Program Manager - community is one of their “internship’s pillars”. In April 2020, CBSi partnered with Symba to successfully transition their internship program’s culture and community remotely.

Symba & CBSi’s partnership highlights

The case study features the key benefits and the impact Symba had on the CBSi’s internship program. Here are the highlights of the case study:

  • CBSi tapped into the power of Symba’s community feature. Talent leaders at CBSi succeeded at leveraging Symba’s platform to build meaningful relationships among interns, and actively engaging the program’s participants.
  • CBSi learned how to navigate the platform in one, brief session and all the program’s participants felt comfortable using it from day one.
  • CBSi interns who used Symba had an amazing experience and exceeded expectations.Interns went above and beyond,” shared Haley Rosano.
  • Symba helped CBSi improve the overall program experience. 


CBSi is proof that creating a sense of community is key to hosting a successful, remote internship program. Download the CBSi case study below to dive into how an internship program powered by Symba can revolutionize the way you convey your company’s culture and build community in a remote setting.

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