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What’s New in Symba: Version 2.0

Published by Mitra LeBuhn on December 6, 2022
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Mitra LeBuhn

Mitra is the Head of Growth and Strategy at Symba, and a communications and partnerships professional dedicated to supporting social justice initiatives. She combines a unique background in Global Health and Higher Education, and speaks French. Beyond Symba, Mitra spends her time outdoors, traveling the world and making music.

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At Symba, we’re big on helping internship program managers cut back on manual work and increase efficiency. This month, we’re proud to introduce a set of new features designed to help early talent recruitment teams take back time and focus on what matters - their early talent:

1. General Launchpad:

Onboarding interns can be very time-consuming! With Symba’s General Launchpad, program managers can consolidate and share general company resources, files, links, and more that pertain to everyone in the program. This gives all program participants easy access to these resources whenever they need them. In addition, admins can assign specialized Launchpads to cohorts of interns or various departments. These specialized Launchpads are where more specific resources can be shared.

2. Pre-participant and Alumni User Type:

We heard you. We know how tough it is to keep in touch with your interns before and after your internship program. To ease this pain point, Symba has now added two new user types: Pre-participant and Alumni.

The Pre-participant user type can be assigned to an intern who is officially a part of your upcoming program but whose start date is in the future. With this feature, you can start onboarding your interns before they even start and prevent them from reneging on their internship offer with curated resources, links, and files that are relevant to them. They will also be able to get to know their fellow interns and managers through Discussion Boards and even find potential roommates if the program is in person.

Looking for ways to reduce your intern-to-full-time renege rates? The alumni user type feature may be just what you need! Once an intern has completed their program, you can reassign them as an alumni user to keep them warm and engaged until they start as a full-time employee. You can curate and share alumni resources such as new job postings, company news, and more for this user type.

3. Additional User Fields to Track More Program Participant Data:

As an internship program manager it is important to have insight on the diversity of your interns and who is trending towards a full-time position after the program. To increase visibility of these important metrics, Symba has now added additional user fields so you can track even more data pertaining to your program participants and users. You can record participant details like graduation year, gender, race, associated managers & mentors, date of offer given, date of offer accept, date of offer rejection, and whether or not your interns will return as full-time employees.

4. Manager/Mentor Association Pairings:

An intern’s experience with their intern manager or mentor plays a significant role in their overall internship experience. What can you do to make the bond between them stronger? Within Symba,  program managers can now associate interns and even pre-participants with their respective managers and mentors. Associating interns/pre-participants with their managers and mentors will allow for better connections and engagement between them as we add new features to Symba.

To learn more about these features and how they can help you enhance your internship programs, chat with our team of internship experts today.

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