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Happy National Thank Your Customers Week from Symba!

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Happy National Thank Your Customers Week from Symba!

By Team Symba

Our team is tremendously grateful for our customers who have championed Symba! As a startup, our early adopters are vital to our success. Many of our customers have exciting ideas and are incredibly passionate about improving the remote internship experience. The feedback we receive has a massive impact on internship management product development and market fit. Not to mention, our customers help us feel motivated and enlivened by the work we do. Every question they pose, function they suggest, or praise we receive adds to our energy as a team. They are integral in our startup journey and build with us!

“As the CTO of Symba, I am excited to create and launch new product features that we know our customers want. It brings us joy to know that our product is making a difference for our customers and to hear that they love using it. It’s the very reason I became passionate about using technology as a vehicle to make social impact”

– Nikita Gupta, CTO & Co-founder of Symba.

In addition, we are proud to say that our customers are making lasting and meaningful contributions to the lives of job seekers around the world. Our customers have all demonstrated a clear commitment to diversity and inclusion efforts, embraced remote internships, and uphold key rights (such as paying their interns). 

“Our team is so energized because we know that the work we do with our customers is generating real and tangible social impact. Internship programs are pathways to professional development and economic opportunity. Our customers are developing their organization’s future leaders and investing in their success today. Symba is able to help our customers scale their impact and reach a diverse and global talent pool through remote internships. We are proud to support the important work our customers are doing to host valuable programs on our platform.”

– Ahva Sadeghi, CEO & Co-founder of Symba.

We have over 3,500 users on the Symba platform. Our customers come from a variety of sectors including fintech, retail, entertainment, hospitality, and pharmaceuticals. We have smaller teams like startups and nonprofits using Symba, and we have scaled up to host enterprise-level clients with nearly a thousand remote interns. Each program is unique, and we learn something new from our customers every day. With their support, we are able to #OpenUpTheWorkforce!

Thank you to our customers! We are grateful for your support and look forward to continuing to work together and making a lasting impact in workforce development.


By Team Symba

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