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The Symba Spotlight Part 14: Paisley Petersen

Written by Anika Pasilis on September 22, 2020
3 min read

The Symba Spotlight Part 14: Paisley Petersen

Paisley Petersen has been interning with Bardy Diagnostics, a medical sales company. She has learned important skills about the medical sales industry that she hopes to put to use in her future career. Read her incredible spotlight below.

Tell us about yourself.

This year I am beginning the Master of Science Marketing Program through the Eller College of Management. I am very excited to be graduating in four years with my undergrad and masters in August 2021. In the future, I would like to find a sales position in the medical devices industry.

Tell us about your remote internship. What is your title, and what are the projects and daily tasks you work on?

I currently have a remote internship with Bardy Diagnostics. My internship areas of focus include sales and marketing. Bardy Diagnostics is an innovator in digital health and provides patients the most accurate cardiac monitoring. I have built relationships with the sales and marketing teams which has allowed me to see how closely the two work together. My projects and daily tasks align with an overall goal of expanding the company. My projects allow me to analyze weekly, monthly, and yearly data that requires using multiple tables and charts. Another aspect of my internship has been working with the Account Executive in Arizona. I had the opportunity to attend a sales meeting to see the sales process firsthand.


What are you enjoying most about your remote internship?

During my remote internship I have enjoyed working with unique personalities and being accepted as a peer instead of an intern. The support from everyone has made my experience very welcoming. Many individuals have been supporting and want to be a mentor to me. During most of my internship most of my duties entail reaching out to Account Executives for their input and they have made me feel comfortable reaching out to new people. I think this is a very important aspect of a remote internship that I have been able to connect with so many people even from across the country. I am very blessed to be able to connect with individuals that have made me feel very welcomed.

What new skills have you learned so far? 

Most of my new skills learned have been within overall industry knowledge. There are many aspects of the medical device industry that I did not previously know. I have learned the importance of talking to doctors and medical providers while using medical terminology. One of my projects consisted of a competitive deep dive on the industry which increased my knowledge of competitors and different devices use in cardiology. This was important for me to learn to identify key differences of the cardiac monitor provided by Bardy Diagnostics. Overall, I have learned so much from watching others daily and completing projects involving various tasks.

How have your company and internship manager supported you through your internship? 

The support throughout Bardy Diagnostics is wonderful. Every department works together which has allowed Bardy Diagnostics to grow rapidly. By starting as a small company many individuals wear multiple hats in order for the success of the company. Every week all departments come together which increases the support of the company. With this I have also seen how closely sales and marketing teams work together. The two departments could not be successful alone and are in constant communication to increase patient satisfaction. Individually, I have also been supported by multiple mentors that check up on me frequently and ask how they can help me succeed. The support throughout the company has made me love every day of my internship.

What advice would you give to other interns about to embark on their first remote internship?

My advice to remote interns is to never be afraid to reach out to other employees and make personal connections. Frequent communication with multiple coworkers allows for greater learning opportunities. Always be willing to adapt. With projects and schedules, it can be overwhelming. Being able to adapt is essential in any remote environment.

By Anika Pasilis

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Anika Pasilis

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