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Top 3 Skills You Will Gain From Your Remote Internship

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The future of work is remote, with 173% growth between 2005 and 2018. Now, due to the recent pandemic, the entire world is now learning to work remotely. This is also the case for interns. 

Companies like Google and Capital One have announced they will host their internship programs remotely this summer, and hundreds of other companies are soon to follow. For interns, this means gearing up for a new way of working, one that can lead to success and a fresh set of skills to prepare for the future of remote work.

Remote internships come with an array of benefits, including independence, flexibility and the ability to gain advanced skills unique to remote working environments. 

Here are the top three skills you will gain from a remote internship experience:

1. Optimum Time Management 

One of the biggest challenges with remote internships is being able to manage your time effectively. Remote internships provide an opportunity to learn how to be a self-starter when working outside an office setting and require you to be responsible in order to meet your deadlines. You must be able to create your own schedule and hone in on your productivity

Each person has a different type of self-management style that works best for them and a remote internship will encourage you to discover what this is for you. Some of the best practices we have seen include using online tools like Asana or Trello or planners like Panda that help individuals monitor and track their deliverables. 

Remember, with independence comes responsibility, but by adapting to time management practices that work for you, you’ll be able to prove to yourself and your team that you are a reliable worker.

2. Agile Communication

In remote internships, as with any type of work, communication is a central pillar. It is critical to establish yourself as a reliable team player that is responsive. When it comes to interning from home, you will be able to further develop your communication skills, which are critical for succeeding as a remote employee. You will learn how to effectively communicate with your supervisor and colleagues while being exposed to various communication tools like Slack, Zoom and email.

As an example, Automattic, an entirely remote company with over 1,000 employees around the world, uses Slack as a core element during their interviews. They view communication as essential to successful remote work.

3. Digital Literacy

In many organizations, it is already a common practice to allow their employees to partake in flexible/home-based work arrangements. Thus being a savvy user of virtual collaborative tools and platforms already puts you ahead of the game for future job opportunities. Being able to demonstrate your strength in managing projects remotely is a huge bonus when you embark on your career path.

The future of work requires redefined roles, restructured workplaces, and rapid learning. COVID-19 will be the catalyst for business transformation as organizations have no choice but to respond to its challenges. By demonstrating your digital literacy skills, you are gearing up for the workplace of tomorrow.

Remote internships allow you the freedom to work on your own and build transferable skills for your next roles, like communication, time management and digital literacy. We hope you make the most of your remote internship, and gain the skills that will position you for a successful career! Stay tuned for more remote internship articles.

By Paula Mora Arias

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