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A Guide to Evaluating Your Remote Internship Program

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A Guide to Evaluating Your Remote Internship Program

By Team Symba

Your internship might be wrapping up soon, but do not overlook one of the most important components of your program, feedback! In our guide, we share best practices and an entire question bank to help you begin crafting your own feedback process.

Over the entire year, internship leaders have spent quality time crafting programs for interns and their organization to benefit from. Having a solid feedback process in place will ensure that you are able to recruit the best talent full-time and improve your program each time. In this guide we share:

1. How to create a distribution plan 

It’s important to be organized and curate a feedback process that is simple and easy for all of your users to participate in. Don’t let feedback become a daunting endeavor! Read our tips on how you can optimize your feedback collection process.

2. Tools you can use to collect your feedback

Learn about the leading tools in the space that can simplify your feedback process and help you display your results effectively.

3. A question bank you can pull from

It’s key that you are asking the right questions to be able to study your program with qualitative and quantitative data. We’ve compiled this question bank to help you improve your recruitment process and ensure your program is providing value.

4. How to evaluate your results

Finally, we help you understand how you can map out your results against your program goals and share these insights with your leadership team.

Download the guide below!

By Team Symba

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