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“Symba is consistently doing a phenomenal job. We could not have found better candidates than who they matched us with. I personally could not have beat them. The interns are so sharp.”

Ryan Rubio

Senior Manager, Business Development
MGM Resorts

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No! Symba is free to anyone that is seeking an internship, from anywhere in the world. We believe in opening opportunities for learners to grow into leaders, beginning with making internships as accessible as possible and only working with companies that pay their interns.

“Symba Certified” positions are marked on the Symba Slate with a blue star and link to intern roles Symba is matchmaking for. Keep an eye out for these hot opportunities! While applying for internships isn’t painless, Symba makes the process as friendly as can be.

Yes! Positions on the Symba Slate marked with a green check mark are based outside of the United States, or accepting international students for US-based internships. Read the description to ensure you meet visa and citizenship requirements.

Our team at Symba is dedicated to removing barriers of entry to the workforce. Our comprehensive solution simplifies the management of interns, enables organizations to hire the best talent, and allows employers to design best practices around their internship programs.

We indicate the headquarter/office location when available to help you gauge potential working hours. While some remote internships are entirely flexible, others require interns to work during office hours for collaboration purposes.

We do our best to represent a wide variety of industries: from software engineering, marketing, and business development, to design, fashion, film, sports, and more! Available positions on the Slate are constantly evolving, so be sure to check back regularly if you are on the internship hunt.

Any time of year! Internships run from 8 to 12 weeks on average and take place in the summer, fall, spring, and even year-round!

Anyone! We have high schoolers to mid-career professionals signing up for Symba. We try our best to find and promote inclusive opportunities on the Symba Slate. Just be sure you meet the visa, age, and education requirements before applying for a role.

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