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Key Metrics to Optimize & Scale Your Internship Program: Overall Intern Satisfaction

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At various events focused on university recruiting and early talent development, we’ve heard many program leaders ask each other what metrics they track to evaluate the success of their internship programs. Clear and consistent data measured over time is crucial to understanding the health of your program and where you need to focus on improving. 

Symba is building a workbook, Key Metrics to Optimize & Scale Your Internship Program, to help internship program leaders figure out what metrics they need to track based on their goals. This workbook will be sectioned into five chapters, each covering a different goal:

  1. Exceptional Experience
  2. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  3. Recruiting ROI
  4. Conversion to Full-Time
  5. Brand Awareness

Each chapter will also contain sample surveys and/or spreadsheets you can use to collect the data needed to measure each goal.

Let’s start with a teaser of Chapter One: Exceptional Experience. This chapter will cover measuring how satisfied your program participants are with your internship program. Are they having exceptional experiences?

One of your most basic but important goals should be understanding your interns’ overall satisfaction with the program you’ve built. Measuring program satisfaction will help you know when and where to course-correct so that you can continuously optimize your program and provide great experiences for your interns. 

So how do you measure intern satisfaction? You’ll want to send out surveys with questions that ask about your interns’ experiences and capture that data in the form of NPS scores (Net Promoter Score).

View a sample of Chapter One here (no form fill necessary!) for a more detailed description of the goal, the metric, and a sample NPS survey as well as recommendations for successfully measuring intern satisfaction. 

We’ll be releasing other portions of the workbook over the next few weeks so keep an eye out (and subscribe to our blog to get notified)! Want to be one of the first to receive each chapter? You can sign up here to get them straight to your inbox.

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