Internship Solution

Internship Engagement Platform

Symba helps organizations streamline the best internship experience from start to finish!

1. Increase intern-to-full time conversion rates

2. Improve positive brand awareness and intern engagement

3. Organize internship programs in one place

4. Report on all-things internships to bring on the best talent

Welcome your interns!

Provide your interns with all of the tools and knowledge they need before they arrive on Day 1. You can update the content anytime to keep your interns in the know.

Organize all the projects

Provide concise guidelines on project expectations. Drafts and submissions don’t get lost. Everyone’s on the same page and everything is in the same place.

Track Feedback

Whether it’s project based feedback or feedback on their progress, keep track of their performance and internship engagement in a simple and streamlined way. Check in with your interns regularly to understand their progress, key strengths, and growth areas.

Engage & Retain

Answer their questions and provide learning material to help them succeed. Create an environment to engage with other employees and other fellow interns around the world. Keep them engaged after they head out for school and keep them excited for when they come back.

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