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How Robinhood Streamlined Its Internship Feedback Collection Process

For Robinhood’s university recruiting (UR) team, regularly surveying all internship program participants, including interns, managers, mentors, and peers, is essential to optimizing their program. However, they were spending several hours a week during review periods collecting and organizing feedback for their internship program. Using Symba, Robinhood was able to automate the feedback process and save 4-5 hours per week during review periods.

"[Symba is a] really good solution for collecting manager and mentor feedback for midpoint and end of program reviews. Before, we were on Google Sheets which was not organized, and now Symba has kept us organized and made it a seamless process." - Ashley Smith, Project Manager, UR Program and Events @ Robinhood

About Robinhood:

On a mission to democratize finance for all, Robinhood is a financial services company that makes trading more intuitive, affordable, and inclusive to ensure that everyone, regardless of wealth or industry knowledge, feels empowered to participate in the financial system. Their university recruiting team runs a year-long internship program and aims to convert their interns to full-time hires, support diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs and initiatives, and provide learning and growth opportunities for early career talent.

Symba and Robinhood Partnership Highlights:

This case study features how Robinhood:

  • Leveraged Symba to collect feedback from interns, managers, mentors, and peers to understand program success.
  • Streamlined their feedback collection process to make it more efficient for future internship programs.
  • Through automation, Robinhood was able to save on average 4-5 hours/week during review periods.


Feedback collection is important for measuring internship program success and understanding areas of improvement. With the help of Symba, Robinhood’s UR team was able to transition their feedback collection into one environment and establish a seamless process, allowing them to save time and scale with more ease. 

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