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Symba Wins Founders Live Pitch Competition

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Learn about our experience at the May Founders Live Pitch Competition in Phoenix, Arizona and five reasons why pitching is so important for entrepreneurs.
Pitching is a big part of the startup game and there are many reasons why it is fundamental to the startup world. Last week, Symba took center stage at the May Founders Live Pitch Competition held in Phoenix, Arizona. Our startup was a crowd favorite and received 80% of the votes from the audience and those livestreaming the event from across the country.


Founders Live, founded by serial entrepreneur Nick Hughes, was established in order to inspire, educate and entertain entrepreneurs from around the globe. The Founders Live movement includes dynamic, livestreamed 99-second startup pitch competitions held in different cities across the globe. The Live monthly events are coupled with a growing network of company-building resources, curated articles, videos, and livestreamed expert talks to create a thriving global startup community.

Symba is proud to be a member of the Founders Live community and participate in its monthly events around the country. We also wanted to give a special shoutout and thank you to Lisa Zuba, founder of Zuba Academy, who organizes these valuable Founders Live pitch events for entrepreneurs to shine and build meaningful relationships. She also generously shares her time to mentor and help train entrepreneurs before they take the stage.


Founder’s Live has been just one of the pitch competitions we’ve recently participated in. We’ve also applied to many more around the world. We believe pitching is key to launching a startup, and here are five reasons why:

1. Learn to clearly articulate the why, what, how of your startup

Sharing exactly what your business does is not as easy as you might think. Nevertheless, it is one of the most fundamental elements to delivering a good pitch.

“A good pitch is succinct. In most cases, you only have a few seconds to capture someone’s attention and get your point across. Focus and momentum are your friends” – Jeff Haden

Founders Live is a great avenue for entrepreneurs to practice because you only have 99 seconds for your pitch. You have to be succinct, laser-focused and clear. As Lisa Zuba mentioned during her welcome presentation, if you can’t pitch your startup in 99 seconds, then you are in trouble.

2. Get people excited about your idea!

A captivating pitch captures your audience’s attention and makes them yearn for more. A pitch is your opportunity to share your startup with the world. As a founder, it is your duty to inspire your audience.

“If your pitch doesn’t excite your audience, you’ve already lost the battle” – Ryan Richardson

3. Grow your network

Pitching on stage is a great opportunity for brand awareness and to meet interested parties from investors to users. If you pitch well, people will want to connect. You never know who is in the audience so it’s essential that you bring your A game!

“All successful startups forged meaningful relationships, which allowed for a fast and sustainable path to success” – Neil Patel

4. Practice makes (nearly) perfect

It is vital for entrepreneurs to continuously practice their pitches. The more you pitch, the better you become at sharing your startup.

“Practice until you can give your presentation in your sleep. The best way to avoid mistakes when the big day rolls around is by practicing.” – Big Fish Presentations

5. Challenge yourself

Each pitch you participate in makes you more comfortable with speaking in front of an audience. Additionally, during the Q&A session, you have to be ready for any question thrown at you. Pitching is a powerful way of building your confidence on stage and demonstrating your knowledge and subject matter expertise.

“Successful entrepreneurs challenge themselves. You need to find ways to challenge yourself.” – Stephen Key

At Symba, we understand the value in pitching, and we are immensely grateful for this experience and recognition from Founders Live and the Phoenix startup community. We look forward to participating in more pitch competitions and sharing Symba with the world!

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